Spigen slim armour case always it looks new.  Because of the material used by Spigen and the quality of the product is extraordinarily unbelievable. It exactly fits to iPhone 6+ and it is designed to protect any shock from falling on the floor. It completely scratch free even if one doesn't care the wear and tear of the phone.   It is smudges free and do not need a cloth to clean the smudges.    
This is best product to attend any calls with crystal and clear uninterrupted discussion between two parties by filtering any external noise.  One can sit on couch in front the blowing noisy fan or in the car and talk to the other party cooly with breeze.   You can adjust mouth according to your convenience. Best cushion soft material is used both sides of the ear piece to hold the ear piece long hours. Especially with regard to charging it last very long.  It does not require every day charging.   Whatever the products descriptions says it stands true. Buy...