HP 4y NextBusDay Onsite DT Only HW Supp

HP 4y NextBusDay Onsite DT Only HW Supp


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MODEL: HP 4y NextBusDay Onsite DT Only HW Supp
product description  ;  HP Hardware Support Onsite Service provides high-quality remote assistance and onsite support for your covered hardware, helping you to improve product up time. You have the flexibility to choose between different service-level options featuring different response times and coverage windows, as well as between several coverage periods...

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product description  ; 

HP Hardware Support Onsite Service provides high-quality remote assistance and onsite support for your covered hardware, helping you to improve product up time. You have the flexibility to choose between different service-level options featuring different response times and coverage windows, as well as between several coverage periods to address your specific service needs

Delivery min 4 t0 5  working days

product details  :
Service features
Optional service features
For eligible products, specific service levels may be offered with accidental damage protection. Where accidental damage protection applies, the Customer receives protection against accidental damage to the covered hardware product as part of this service.
Accidental damage is defined as physical damage to a product caused by or resulting from a fortuitous incident. Covered perils include non-intentional liquid spills in or on the unit, drops, falls, and electrical surge. This includes damaged or broken liquid crystal displays (LCDs), or broken parts.
Accidental damage protection does not cover theft, loss, damage caused by a vehicle accident or act of God, normal wear, consumables, intentional acts of damage, or other exclusions, as detailed in the ''Service limitations'' section. Major parts replacement is subject to certain limitations as detailed in the ''Service limitations'' section.
For eligible products, this service feature option allows the Customer to retain defective hard disk drive components that the Customer does not want to relinquish due to sensitive data contained within the disk (''Disk Drive'') covered under this service. All Disk Drives on a covered system must participate in the defective media retention.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this document or the HP Single Order Terms for Support, HP waives the right to take possession and title of a defective Disk Drive covered by the defective media retention service feature option in the event a replacement product is delivered by HP to the Customer. The Customer will retain all defective Disk Drives supported by HP under the HP support agreement.
For eligible PC products, the Customer may choose desktop/workstation/thin client/notebook-only coverage. HP Care Pack services with this coverage do not extend the specified service level to the external monitor or docking station.
Some printer products may be available with a maximum page allowance. Page count for any given printer is defined as the number of standard pages (printed or plain) that have passed through such printer’s print engine, as recorded on the test page. Different paper sizes and print options may be associated with different standard page equivalent values in order to calculate the page count.
For printers that require HP installation, the contract term begins on the date of installation of such printers at the Customer site.
Where page allowances apply, the support coverage ends when either the end of the contract term has been reached or the page count has exceeded the maximum page allowance, whichever occurs first.
Should the Customer exceed the maximum page allowance before the end of the contract term, any further services provided during the contract term will be billed at HP’s then-current time and materials rate, unless another Care Pack has been purchased by the time the services are provided.
Optional service features, header
Accidental damage protection
Defective media retention
Desktop/Workstation/ Thin client/Notebook- only coverage
Page allowance
Service features
Once the Customer has placed a service request via a designated HP support telephone number, HP will work with the Customer during the coverage window to isolate the hardware problem and to remotely troubleshoot, remedy, and resolve the problem with the Customer. Prior to any onsite assistance, HP may initiate and perform remote diagnostics using electronic remote support tools (where available) to access covered products, or HP may use other means available to facilitate remote problem resolution. Where necessary, onsite assistance will be provided by an authorized HP representative.
Regardless of the Customer's coverage window, problems with covered hardware can be reported to the HP Solution Center via telephone or electronically, as locally available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HP will acknowledge the receipt of the service request and notify the local HP field office at the next coverage window. HP retains the right to determine the final resolution of all reported problems. Onsite response times or call-to-repair times, as applicable, for service requests submitted electronically or outside of the coverage window may vary.
For technical hardware issues that cannot, in HP's judgment, be resolved remotely, an HP authorized representative will provide onsite technical support on covered hardware products to return them to operating condition. For certain printers, PCs, ProLiant servers, Intel Pentium- and Xeon processor-based servers, and networking and storage products, HP may, at its sole discretion, elect to replace such products in lieu of repairing them. Replacement products are new or functionally equivalent to new in performance. Replaced products become the property of HP.
In addition, HP may install available engineering improvements to help the Customer ensure proper operation of the hardware products and maintain compatibility with HP-supplied hardware replacement parts. At its sole discretion, HP may install any firmware updates that, in the opinion of HP, are required to return the covered product to operating condition or to maintain supportability by HP.
HP will provide HP-supported parts and materials necessary to maintain the covered hardware product in operating condition, including parts and materials for available and recommended engineering improvements. Replacement parts are new or functionally equivalent to new in performance. Replaced parts become the property of HP.
The coverage window specifies the time during which the described services are delivered onsite or remotely.
Service requests received outside this coverage window will be logged the next day for which the Customer has a service coverage window.
Coverage window options available for eligible products are specified in the service-level options table.
All coverage windows are subject to local availability. Contact a local HP sales office for detailed information on service availability.
Onsite response time specifies the period of time that begins when the initial service request is received and logged with HP and ends when the HP authorized representative arrives at the Customer's site within the coverage window. Response times are measured during the coverage window only and may be carried over to the next day for which there exists a coverage window. Response time options available for eligible products are specified in the service-level options table. All response times are subject to local availability. Contact a local HP sales office for detailed information on service availability.
Once an HP authorized representative arrives at the Customer's site, the representative will continue to deliver the service, either onsite or remotely, at the discretion of HP, until the products are operational or as long as reasonable progress is being made. Work may be temporarily suspended if additional parts or resources are required, but work will resume when they become available.
Work to completion may not apply to onsite support provided for desktop, mobile, and consumer products.
HP has established formal escalation procedures to facilitate the resolution of complex problems. Local HP management coordinates problem escalation, enlisting the skills of appropriate HP resources and/or selected third parties to assist with problem-solving.
As part of this service, HP provides access to certain commercially available electronic and Web-based tools. The Customer has access to:
Certain capabilities that are made available to registered users, such as downloading selected HP software and firmware patches, subscribing to hardware-related proactive service notifications, and participating in support forums for solving problems and sharing best practices with other registered users
Expanded Web-based searches of technical support documents, to facilitate faster problem-solving
Certain HP proprietary service diagnostic tools with password access
A Web-based tool for submitting questions directly to the HP Solution Center. The tool helps to resolve problems quickly with a pre-qualification process that routes the support or service request to the engineer qualified to answer the question. The tool also allows the status of each support or service request submitted to be viewed, including cases submitted by telephone.
''HP Live'' functionality for communicating directly with an online HP support engineer during standard HP business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday excluding HP holidays. Through sharing browser content, the HP support engineer will help navigate to the appropriate online content that may help resolve the problem. This real-time online help can be accessed via the ''HP Live'' button on selected Web pages.
Search of HP and third-party hosted knowledge databases for certain third-party products in order to retrieve product information, get answers to support questions, and participate in support forums
For Customers who meet minimum requirements, electronic remote monitoring and support, standard configuration with real-time remote hardware event management provides diagnostic software for eligible products. This software monitors hardware status and generates notification events when certain predetermined conditions are detected. Notification events are received and forwarded to HP for review and possible support action. With the Customer's authorization and at the sole discretion of HP, remote network access by an HP support engineer may be used for troubleshooting and faster problem resolution.
For details on the minimum requirements, the Customer may contact the local HP sales office.
Service features, header
Remote problem diagnosis and support
Onsite hardware support
Coverage window
Onsite response time for hardware support
Work to completion
Escalation management
Access to electronic support information and services
Electronic remote monitoring and support, standard configuration

Service limitations

At the discretion of HP, service will be provided using a combination of remote diagnosis and support, services delivered onsite, and other service delivery methods. Other service delivery methods may include the delivery via a courier of customer-replaceable parts such as a keyboard, a mouse, other parts classified as Customer Self Repair parts, or an entire replacement product. HP will determine the appropriate delivery method required to provide effective and timely Customer support.
An onsite response time will not apply if the service can be delivered using remote diagnosis, remote support, or other service delivery methods described above.
Activities such as, but not limited to, the following are excluded from this service:
Backup, recovery and support of the operating system, other software, and data Operational testing of applications, or additional tests requested or required by the Customer
Troubleshooting for interconnectivity or compatibility problems
Support for network-related problems
Services required due to failure of the Customer to incorporate any system fix, repair, patch, or modification provided to the Customer by HP
Services required due to failure of the Customer to take avoidance action previously advised by HP
Exclusions to the accidental damage protection service feature option
Services required due to failure of the Customer to take avoidance action previously advised by HP
Exclusions to the accidental damage protection service feature option
Accidental damage protection does not cover the following:
Damage caused by failure to provide manufacturer's recommended maintenance or operating specifications
Damage due to war or nuclear incident, terrorism, unauthorized attempts to repair the product, use of damaged or defective media
Data loss or corruption; business interruptions; obsolescence; cosmetic damage; rust; change in color, texture, or finish; wear and tear; gradual deterioration
Error in design, construction, product programming, or instructions to the product
Fraud, theft, unexplained or mysterious disappearance, misuse, abuse, or willful act
Alteration or modification of the product in any way
For the nc/nx/nw/TC11xx/TC4xxx product families, major parts replacement is limited to three each per year; for all other products, major parts replacement is limited to one each per year.
For accidental damage protection coverage, major parts include but are not limited to the screen (LCD), DVD/CD-ROM, motherboard, processor, hard disk drive, and memory. Once the specified limit is reached, the cost of repair for a major part will be charged on a time-and-materials basis.
Service options
Service level options
Service is available during the coverage window, 9 hours per day, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday excluding HP holidays.
An HP authorized representative will arrive at the Customer's site during the coverage window to begin hardware maintenance service the next coverage day after the service request has been logged. Service requests received outside the coverage window will be logged the next coverage day and serviced within the following coverage day.
Service level options, header
Next-day response, standard business hours (9x5)
Travel zones 
All response times apply only to sites located within 100 miles or 160km of an HP designated support hub.
Travel to U.S. sites located within 200 miles (320 km) of an HP designated support hub is provided at no additional charge. If the site is located more than 200 miles (320 km) from the HP designated support hub, response times will be adjusted and additional travel charges may apply. For travel to Canadian sites outside the 160 km radius of an HP designated support hub, response times will be adjusted and additional travel charges will be applied.
Travel charges will also apply for any site that requires overnight lodging, non-automobile mode of transportation (i.e., airplane), or extraordinary travel circumstances.
Travel zones and charges may vary in some geographic locations.
Response times to sites located more than 100 miles (160 km) from an HP designated support hub will have the following modified response times for extended travel:

Legal Disclaimer
The information contained in this document is subject to change with or without notice. Hewlett Packard makes no warranty of any kind with respect to this information. Hewlett Packard specifically disclaims the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Hewlett Packard shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other damage alleged in connection with the furnishing or use of this information .

 HP Hardware Support Onsite Service provides coverage for HP or Compaq branded hardware products and all HP-supplied internal components (such as HP Jetdirect cards, memory, and CD-ROMs), as well as attached HP or Compaq branded accessories purchased together with the main product, such as mouse, keyboard, docking station, and external monitors of 22'' or less.For some servers and storage products, CPUs, disks, and other major internal and external components will be covered if support has been configured accordingly and they are listed in the contract's equipment list (if applicable).For HP Care Pack Services with ''desktop/workstation/thin client/notebook-only'' coverage, external monitors and docking stations will not be covered under the service.Coverage for eligible multivendor systems includes all standard vendor-supplied internal components and the external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.Consumable items including, but not limited to, batteries and Tablet PC pens, maintenance kits, and other supplies, as well as user maintenance and non-HP devices, are not covered by this service.For components that are discontinued, an upgrade path may be required. HP will work with the Customer to recommend a replacement. Not all components will be covered in all countries due to local support capabilities.For ProLiant servers and storage systems, this service covers HP branded hardware options qualified for the server, purchased at the same time or afterward, internal to the enclosure, as well as 22" and smaller external monitors and tower UPS options up to 3kVA; these items will be covered at the same service level and for the same coverage period as the server. Coverage of UPS battery is not included; standard warranty terms and conditions apply.For servers or storage systems installed within a rack, service also covers all HP qualified rack options installed within the same rack.HP Care Pack Services for the HP BladeSystem enclosure include coverage for its patch panels, HP supported Ethernet interconnects, power enclosure with power supplies, and power distribution.Customer responsibilitiesCustomer responsibility If applicable, the Customer must register the covered hardware and HP Care Pack immediately, using the registration instructions within each package or e-mail document or as otherwise directed by HP.At the sole discretion of HP, service levels with an onsite response time of 4 hours may require installation of remote connectivity tools and equipment. If remote support is available and required on the covered product, the Customer must provide and allow HP remote access in order to receive an onsite response time of 4 hours.The Customer will be required, upon HP request, to support HP's remote problem resolution efforts. The Customer will:Provide all information necessary for HP to deliver timely and professional remote support and to enable HP to determine the level of support eligibility Start self-tests and install and run other diagnostic tools and program s Install customer-install able firmware updates and patches Perform other reasonable activities to help HP identify or resolve problems, as requested by HP The Customer is responsible for installing, in a timely manner, critical customer-insta l able firmware updates, as well as Customer Self Repair parts and replacement products delivered to the Customer.In cases where Customer Self Repair parts are shipped to resolve a problem, the Customer is responsible for returning the defective part within a time period designated by HP. In the event HP does not receive the defective part within the designated time period or if the part is physically damaged upon receipt, the Customer will be required to pay a fee for the defective part, as determined by HP.The Customer is responsible for registering to use HP's electronic facility in order to gain access to restricted product information and to receive proactive notification or other services available to the Customer.With defective media retention service option, it is the Customer's responsibility to:Retain physical control of Disk Drives at all times during support delivery by HP; HP is not responsible for data contained on Disk Drives Ensure that any Customer sensitive data on the retained Disk Drive is destroyed or remains secure Have an authorized representative present to retain defective Disk Drives, accept replacement Disk Drives, provide HP with identification information for each Disk Drive retained here under, and upon HP request, execute a document provided by HP acknowledging the retention of the Disk Drives Destroy the retained Disk Drive and/or ensure that the Disk Drive is not put into use again Dispose of all retained Disk Drives in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations
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